Picture © Eva Niggemeyer

Hi, and welcome to the world of the music fairy!

Just like my cousin, the tooth fairy, I would like to take what I am given, which is, in my case, music, and turn it into something beautiful. Music has always had a great influence in my life and,  time and again, I find myself inspired by the songs I encounter on my journey. I would love to share this inspiration with you and I am happy if you find yourself inspired by the words and songs I share.

So this is a blog about personal growth, music and how these two influence each other. I am in the middle of it and nowhere near having accomplished it. Viewing life as a constant process, in fact I doubt that there is an ultimate goal or end point. And this is what I love about life.

This blog is not only about success or achievements. I will not promise anything, since I am aware that you can never tell what will happen next – sometimes it might seem that not even heaven is the limit, sometimes I’m running in circles.  But this, after all, is life and I want to find out all about it.

So let me invite you on this journey with me and, maybe, you will find something that resonates.

If so, let me know.

Let’s start at the beginning – find out how it all started here.

All images © Eva Niggemeyer 2015 unless stated otherwise.


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